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Click on the images for detailed information on the specific designPH version.


Prices and ordering: 

For ordering please click on the respective price below:

  designPH DEMO   designPH EDU   designPH PRO
usergroup anyone   students universities
(I am already a PHPP user)
free     200 300
designPH + PHPP   90 75 *   270 430
designPH + PHPP Update
(depends on current version of user)
          130 - 210 190  - 370
for iPHA members
          140 240
designPH + PHPP
for iPHA members
          180 340
designPH + PHPP Update
for iPHA members
(depends on current version of user)
          70 - 150 130 - 310
* stud./university mass license (≥15 pcs.)          prices in Euro [€]

Additional information:

  • designPH 1.1 can be downloaded from www.designph.org after registering (designPH 1.0 was shipped on Compact Disk by post).
  • You will be able to download the current manual after login from the members area.
  • You will receive your username and password for the members area after making a purchase of designPH.
  • iPHA members includes affiliate members of the International Passive House Association and also IG Passivhaus Germany and Passivhaus Austria.
  • Proof of current student, staff or institutional status is required to receive a designPH edu license. Evidence for this will be requested at the time of purchase.


Feature comparison:

Find more detailed feature comparison here.

designPH versions:

Info: Please always update to latest current version ! - You will find all available updates & patches here.

  designPH DEMO   designPH EDU   designPH PRO
  no PHPP export   PHPP 8.5 PHPP 9    PHPP 8.5 PHPP 9 
v2.0.0 *     along with PHPP10
v1.1.5x (deprecated)  
v1.1.4x (deprecated)    
v1.1.xx (deprecated)    
v1.0.30  DEMO

v1.0.20 (deprecated)          
v1.0.06 (deprecated)          
v1.0.00 (deprecated)          

* v.2.0.0 is foreseen to be released along with PHPP 10.


Software pre-requisites:


Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Mac OS X
PHPP Version if you use PHPP 8, please update to PHPP 9
Note: designPH 1.0 versions works exclusively with PHPP 8.5
if you use PHPP 7, please upgrade to PHPP 9
Note: designPH 1.0 versions works exclusively with PHPP 8.5
Spreadsheet To be able to import designPH export files into PHPP 8 and/or PHPP 9, you need a corresponding spreadsheet software. You can get detailed information on that in your current PHPP handbook.
Make or Pro

Google SketchUp 8.0.11751 (8.0 M2) is compatible with designPH 1.0.30/1.1.50.
Note: The "Install Extension" feature in SketchUp is only available from SU 8 maintenance release M2 onwards. For earlier versions no more install of the plugin is provided.

Trimble SketchUp 2013 (Make or Pro (8.0.15 and onwards))is compatible with designPH 1.0.30/1.1.50.

Trimble SketchUp 2014 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.0.30/1.1.50.

Trimble SketchUp 2015 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.0.30/1.1.50.

Trimble SketchUp 2016 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.1.50.

Trimble SketchUp 2017 (Make or Pro) is compatible with designPH 1.1.57.

[Download SketchUpall OS & languages].
Info: Downloadable SU 2013 Pro turns after 8 hours of work automatically back to free Make version.


There is no compatibility with Google SketchUp 7 version. 

designPH versions 1.0.0 - 1.0.6 are not compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2014 / 2015.

designPH version 1.0.20 is not compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2015.

designPH versions 1.0.30/1.1.0 are not 100% compatible with Trimble SketchUp 2016.

(See also FAQ)